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TeleMedical Systems – Medical Office Design, Conversion, and Installation Services



Medical practice conversion and education.

A Brave New World of Medicine

The world of medicine is about to change, and when it does, we will never live the same again.  The change we are approaching is like a cliff that we must jump off.  It will be a bit scary for some while completely exhilarating for others.  There seem to be two major schools of thought about TeleMedicine.  The enthusiastic dreamer that wants to save the world and the conservative business-minded folks who think that digitally connected medical professionals will reduce the cost of medicine so far that we will all lose our shirts.   Well!…..

I think there is a meeting in the middle approach to changes in medicine and the creating of a new business model that is cost conscious and profitable.  You see, while telemedical systems do reduce the cost of materials, transportation, staffing, facilities, and overhead,  the overall business of medicine is still anchored in business.  We are not going to lose our shirt, we are just changing our hat.

We are creating ways of deploying medical care to remote locations.  This helps find new patients we would never have touched before.  It provides care to the inaccessible areas of the world and truly accomplishes the oath that we make to serve them.

Having qualified and trained medical and support staff that can communicate with patients anywhere around the world 24 hours a day will allow so many advantages to medical practices.

  1. Organized staffing for needs only schedules.
  2. Constantly trained personnel for fewer problems.
  3. 24-hour access for more patients per practice.
  4. Increased efficiency for more profit per location.
  5. Decreased need for Physician time by sharing the patient load.
  6. Many other advantages.

Our reluctance to embrace telemedical systems over the past few years has been loosely base on the fear of losing business.  Our grip on the past business models, however, may be what really hurts us.   TeleMedical Systems is dedicated to finding a common path for Doctors, Facilitators, Entrepreneurs, and Patients to journey through the medical world together. 

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Affordable Direct Primary Care now available in NW Florida.


When to use TeleMed?

  • Telemed is not designed to replace your primacy care provider.
  • Our goal is to simplify medical treatments when you need them the most, while making it convenient and accessible:
  • Before going to the emergency room.
  • When you need immediate attention.
  • If you need a second opinion regarding a test result.
  • If you have any doubts or questions regarding your health and need professional advice.
  • When you are on vacation, or a business trip, or far from home.
  • If you are considering going to to an emergency room for something not extremely urgent.
  • To refill a short term prescription.


Say Goodbye to long waits in the ER or waiting rooms

Through Telemed , patients have access to a doctor today.

  • Daily access to a Doctor  
  • Resolve doubts or questions you might have regarding your health or medical exams. 
  • No need to wait weeks for an appointment.
  • Don’t waste time in a waiting room.
  • Convenient from the comfort of wherever you are feeling ill.
  • Ask for the appointment in minutes over the phone.
  • Prescriptions are sent directly to your pharmacy of choice.
  • Very affordable price, with no contract needed
  • Don’t have to pay for each consult
  • Costs a lot less than going into an office, or emergency room.

Young Family Having Fun In Park

By adding telemedicine in their offices, Primary Care doctors can: :

stock-3-testi1. Increase office hours without increasing regular expenses

2. Can increase their presence in their office without being there.

3. If you leave office with a PA, NP or staff and they need your advice,  you can provide assessments by teleconference exam. It will decrease the liability.

4.Increase your revenues by providing more services to more people.

5. Open your office after hours and on weekends.

6. Patients can be seen on weekends while you are at your home.

All that with very low cost set up that we have developed in $3K – 8K approx  as compared to $20K to $30K available market solutions.

You do not need to tie up your $30K just to try telemedicine to see if it works for you.
Market solutions also have beefed up monthly fees ( $1500 to $3000) in the name of license or support etc compared to us who only charge 5%  for all training, updates and support and this way we only get if you make it.

Future additions to the Remote Doctor Clinics will include
1. Value lab station
2. Back pack and suitcase telemedicine model for home health- you do not have to hand over the care of your patient to another agency or physician if the patient is unable to come to your office. It happens so commonly.

Better for Patients and Doctors!